Tide & Femi E-Session

The Cherry Blossoms were finally right as the team headed out to take an account of Fashionista Tide & her groom Femi’s “Love Story”. Underneath the sun and lovely spring breeze, the trees full of Cherry Blossoms & life surrounded us as Tide wowed us with the story of how She and Femi met. Femster recreated the scenes and documented the feeling that brought this couple to this turning point in their life. Tide & Femi’s Journey of Love will be presented for their wedding guest during their reception.

50th Birthday – Intro

This is an intro I made for my client who will be 50. Yes, BIG 50 this Sunday. You are the first to see it. My client hasn’t seen this intro yet. I am so excited because this will be one of my biggest event I will be covering this year.
On my way to work today, I heard this postive thought on WGTS 91.9 “Keep striving for success. The big shots are only the little shots who keep shooting.”