Love Story Weekend shoot

What a busy weekend of shooting for FemsterImages, let me give you the rundown.

On Saturday, I had part 2 of a Wedding Love story shoot for my clients Jummy and Lano at various locations in PG County, MD. We began with a few interior scenes, troubleshooted through shooting in a room full of mirrors and then took things outside in the hot sun. We were able to capture some beautiful footage of the couple to bring their story together for the guest of their wedding to see. The shoot ended on a lovely boardwalk with the couple in each others’ arms.

Sunday, the shooting moved out to Rockville,MD were we set up shot in more of a guerrilla type fashion with client Alice and Klaus. The couple had a photo shoot at the same time so I was able to maneuver and capture the story of their love in between shots. We did all exteriors and welcomed the challenge of sunset and nighttime shooting, and battled lighting at a gas station. Now the editing process will begin…”