Hallelujazz Project Presents – Bosede & Tolumide

Hallelujazz Project Presents – Bosede & Tolumide

I had the privilege to capture Halleujazz Project in Mt Rainier, Maryland. This was the day when Obama was on CBS. It’s was a wonderful moment to feel the vibe of live jazz on a Sunday evening. Bosede with a wonderful performance, Tosin did his thing on the drum set, while Tolumide gave us some nice old sckool. The best moment came when they were playing Fela – makes me want to dance.. But I couldn’t I am on a job, remember 😦

I hope you enjoy the clip. Check out there website

Hallelujazz Project
Tosin – Drums
Joshua – Bass
Jumbo – Trumpet
Smiles – Keyboard
Bona – Vocals

Date: Sunday, Nov. 16, 2008
Location: 3311 Rhode Island Ave. Mount Rainier, MD

Hallelujazz Project Presents – Bosede & Tolumide from femster on Vimeo.